About Yuknu’s


Welcome to the world of Yuknu’s

Let’s just start off with the facts.
Yuknu’s are fantasy forest creatures based on Nature.
Every Yuknu could fit in the forest, fields, yards and other
beautiful places made by Nature. There are different types
of Yuknus but every Yuknu has one thing which is the same:
the two fluffy pieces of hair on top of their head. Everyone
could have a cute little friend.

The creator

Gina Louisa is a 20 year old goldsmith student, based in the
Netherlands and the owner and creator of  Yuknus. She
started with her first Yuknu, Crinitus, in 2016. She got
inspired by the beautiful creations of Nature.  Not only Nature
inspired her, also music like fantasy, Celtic traditional Irish
and many many more. Ever since she posts pictures of Yuknus
on Instagram and Facebook. Each Yuknu is designed
with different functions (decoration, jewerly, gifts) so
there is more choice than one. All of the Yuknus she keeps
get Latin names. All of their names are actually what they
are (Crinitus means fluffy) wich makes their names unique.

Do you want to know more? Sent an email to gilouii@hotmail.com ! 🍀