General information

Fory litterly means Forest Fairy. The Fory is a flying Yuknu.
These Yuknus are very curious and show a happy vibe. When-
ever they see you, they immidiately want to know what you are,
who you are and how you are. They are not affraid for petting
and trust humans very fast. Their loyalty is very high and they
expect you to be loyal and respectfull to them. Besides all that,
be carefull. Do not punish them too rough, they are very
sensitive and take everything personal. Be gentle to them.


Fories have butterlfy-shaped wings that allow them to fly
around but also reach different hights very fast. Every Fory
has different antenna that are adapted to their color and
wing style. The wings and antenna will always have the same
color combinations. Fories have an S-shaped body. They
change directions very fast using their tail and also fly in
balance moving their tail. Their eyesight is very strong at
daytime. Most of them sleep at night. Silonus have small
ears and they can hear just like we do but their reactons
are way faster than ours.


Fories eat every kind of flower exept for Jacob Herb! That
flower is deadly! Most of the Fories like flowers with a strong
and sweet smell but bitter flowers are most healthy to them.

Fur cari

When you see that the fur is getting tangled, dirty or fuzzy, use a
brush with soft hairs to gently brush the fur. Do not fully brush it,
long hairs are supposed to be seperated in pieces.