Amazing website update! At first, there are new Yuknus available in the shop, go check them out! Second, I have added a new page about the Yuknu species! It will be way easier to know more about them. You can read about the food they need, fur caring, general characters and many more. You can also go to cart and find a link to the right page. Go to Yuknu Species and find more information about them!



I recently signed up to KvK (dutch business register) and decided to change the prices. All prices are now included VAT (BTW) excl shipping costs. Some products are cheaper. Do not hesitate to check the shop!




One of the greatest months has come trough. It is October! and October means Halloween, horror, pumpkins and many more, but it also means Samhain wich we are going to celebrate. On Oct. 13 and 14 we are going to Fantasy Fest in Rijswijk. I also have other great news: there will be Halloween specials on the market wich you can buy online after the market took place. Want to know more? Go check out and buy your tickets on !


Today is the day, and tomorrow too. Me and the Yuknus are going to Magic Fair on July 21st and 22nd. That means that I DON’T sell online. All the Yuknus that are sold on the market, will be marked as sold on the website as soon as possible. Have you ordered an Yuknu online and he or she is sold already on the market, I will send you an e-mail with some information. Have you ordered a Yuknu that is not sold on the market, you will get him or her after July 22nd. I will check the orders online after the market. Have a nice day!!😊



We finally got 300 followers! The World Wide Yuknu giveaway had a lot of entries on Instagram. Thanks a lot to everyone who entered the Give Away. The winner of Vimenubi was @Crydic. Go to for the announcement. The Next Giveaway will be at 400 followerds so tell your friends about it!


I have some amazing news, again! This year I will have a stand on Magic Fair, a fantasy fair in the Netherlands. I will have my stand outside, on the Magic Road. If you are coming too, do not hesitate to visit me! 😀


We LOVE tiny! New Tiny Yuknus are (coming) in the shop. Tiny creatures are just as important as big creatures. If they weren’t there, Nature would be very unbalanced, just like the Yuknu world. Admire their adorable tinyness!



Everybody loves magic, so why don’t we take the step to feel the magic? It will be very easy with the Yuknu Wands! Yuknus are filled with magic and love, so are these new wands. get yourself one in the shop!


I am going to give a Christmas Yuknu away with glow in the dark candy, just because I reached 200 followers on Instagram. Do you want to enter? Go to my Instagram @Yuknus_ and check the discriprion of this picture! The winner will be revealed this Saturday december 2nd!!🎉😁 (CLOSED)


Almost everyone likes stories, especially old stories. That is why the Secret Chests have a lovely backround story! Go check them out in the shop!



The website  has got some awesome Yuknus for adoption! Do not forget to check the store and find your little friend!


Yes! You are seeing it right! All of the Yuknus are on sale that starts on september 13 untill september 30. this does not count for the new Yuknus. Take your change and find a new little friend!