Rune Yuknus

General information

Rune Yuknus were discovered on January 14th 2018. A Rune
Yuknu is a two legged Yuknu. These Yuknus are very social
and will walk right into you when the see you. They have a
very curious character. it is very easy for a Rune Yuknu to
adapt to your life since they are so curious. They mostly live
on the floor of the Forest and live inside of big trees. They
climb only when there is danger to protect them self. It is
important to teach a Yuknu manners and what his or her
place is. Never punish a Yuknu top much, they feel guilty really
quick and can be sad for days.



They walk around with short legs. Rune Yuknus have hooves
that needs to be taken care of now and then. Make sure they
have enough space to move so their hooves can wear and tear.
A Rune Yuknu has a pretty long and thick tail compared to
their body. The tail is very important for their balacen and is
pretty strong. The ears are very sensitive. They can hear a fly from a
distance of 25 metres. Though their eyesight is not very strong.
They can see 20 metres away from them, the rest is very blurry.

Another important thing is that they wear Runes
on their tummies. Every Rune has a meaning and are attached
to very important messages. The character of the Yuknu
depents on what Rune he or she is wearing. The discriptions
in the shop will tell you what the Runes mean and how the
Yuknus will behave.


They only eat veggies and sweet fruits
like berries, apples, pears, kiwis, oranges, twigs and leafs.

Another important thing to know is that avocado, chocolate,
coriander, eggs, meats and fish are toxic to Rune Yuknus.


Fur caring

When you see that the fur is getting tangled, dirty or fuzzy, use a brush with soft hairs to gently brush the fur. Do not fully brush it, long hairs are supposed to be seperated in pieces.