General Information

Silonus were discovered in the night of august 21st 2018.
Even tough there were only four Silonus found, it is clear
that they are nocturnal. They are awake during daytime
but mostly active when the stars and moon come out.
Silonus are very peaceful and polite but have an unique
and elegant appearence. Some Silonus do need more
attention than others, it just depents on the character.


Silonus have four short legs with hooves. Make sure they
have enough space to move so their hooves can wear and tear.
Their necks are very long compared to their body that makes
them able to reach for their food They have a very small
mouth so it is easy for them to drink juices from fruits or
nectar from flowers. They have a very strong eyesight at
night but during daytime they can see a little blurry from a
distance of 10 metres. At night they see very clear. Their
ears allow them to hear the smallest bug crawling around.
Silonus communicate by whisteling. They mostly do it
at night to warn eachother or to just chit chat.


Silonus mostly drink juices from fruits or nectar from flowers.
Every Silonu has another juice diet. It may sound hard to
discover but it is actually very easy. Their diets are based on
the color of their face. Silonus with yellow faces drink juices
from yellow fruits like lemon, pineabble, bananas, yellow apples
or mangoes while Silonus with red faces drink juices from red
fruits like strawberries, cranberries, cherries and watermelon.

Fur caring

When you see that the fur is getting tangled, dirty or fuzzy, use a
brush with soft hairs to gently brush the fur. Do not fully brush it,
long hairs are supposed to be seperated in pieces.