Theme Yuknus

General Information

The title already tells it: Theme Yuknus are Yuknus
based on a theme. They were discovered in november
2016. Theme Yuknus can be found on every place
in Nature like the beach, forests but also in trees. Some
of these Yuknus are nocturnal, others are active during
daytime. These Yuknus are not very easy when it comes
to adapting. They are creatures that hide sometimes or
like to be lonely now and then. Give them some space
but also show them that it is not scary to be around you.



Theme Yuknus shuffle around. They have no tails so it
can be hard for them to climb. Some of them do live in
trees. How they get in trees remains undiscovered yet.
Theme Yuknus do not have visible ears. They actually
feel vibrations in the air and floor, That is how they know
if there is someone near them. They communicate by
making small movements, shaking their bodies, move
their heads etc. These Yuknus have shiny eyes to
confuse predators. they do have a pretty strong eye-
sight and can see until a distance of 2 kilometres.


Just like all Yuknu species, the Theme Yuknus have a
vegan diet. That means they do not eat meat, fish,
diary and eggs.    Some Yuknus live in the sea and for
them it is important to feed them with waterplants,
coral while land Yuknus eat fruit, leaves, nuts, and twigs.

Fur caring

When you see that the fur is getting tangled, dirty or fuzzy, use a brush with soft hairs to gently brush the fur. Do not fully brush it, long hairs are supposed to be seperated in pieces.